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Getable was started with the belief that renting equipment is more cost-effective than owning equipment. We are now the leading online marketplace for equipment rentals, connecting contractors with verified suppliers. By acting as the trusted partner for both contractors and suppliers, we’re making rental transactions more efficient, more transparent, and less risky. We’re not a middleman getting in the way of a transaction, but a facilitator of transactions that makes sure both parties are satisfied.

We vet and qualify all of the equipment suppliers in our marketplace. Contractors can find and rent equipment for all their needs from the right quality supplier based on job proximity, price, and service level. We help manage rental transactions by collecting payment, helping with logistics, resolving any issues, and ensuring that both renters and suppliers have a great experience.

As a team, we’ve been learning about the market, testing ideas and developing our marketplace since 2011. We have a depth of industry knowledge to make equipment rentals better for everyone. We hope you’ll give us a try and feel free to give us any feedback you have. We’re always striving to make the marketplace better!

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