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We send you customers and guarantee you get paid

Getable connects renters with quality local suppliers. We guarantee payment, insure every transaction, and share the customer information allowing you to directly service the customers. Join Getable today & learn how you can optimize for success.

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What is Getable?

Getable is bringing equipment rentals online by making it easy for renters to choose the right equipment at a fair price price from a quality local supplier. Getable users are contractors of all sizes, and we help manage all rentals by collecting payment from contractors, resolving any issues, and ensuring that both suppliers and contractors are happy.

How Does Getable Work?

  1. We send you business with no upfront costs

    Getable appeals to contractors of all sizes, and we send that business to our partners. When a customer orders through Getable, we take a small percentage of the total rental as compensation.

  2. We help manage the rental.

    We set up one credit account with your company, and you bill that for every customer we bring you. That simplifies billing and shields you from any customer risk. We also send you customers' details so you can provide high quality service.

  3. We protect you & reduce risk

    In addition to guaranteed payments, Getable insures every rental. This reduces your risk and protects your investments. If there's ever a dispute with a customer, we have dedicated support team available to help resolve it.

Key Supplier Benefits

  • Getable does the marketing, you get new customers with no upfront costs.
  • Getable guarantees payment so you never have unpaid invoices. And we pay you quickly – net 15 days.
  • We share customer order information with you, allowing you to directly service customers.
  • We provide General Liability and Property Insurance and add you as a Loss Payee for each transaction to protect you and your equipment.
  • We help manage any disputes that might arise during rental transactions.

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