Welcome to the new Getable

Those of you following Getable may know us for our product helping large contractors compare pricing across our top rental partners and manage the rental lifecycle of the equipment they've procured.

We spent years building out that well-received product and learning the ins and outs of the construction industry. But eventually, we realized that our product only addressed the needs of a few very large contractors. There are over 10 million equipment rentals happening every year, and our previous product only allowed us to serve a very select group of those customers. This realization that we could connect a much larger group of suppliers and renters led us to shift our focus.

We are extremely excited to announce the new Getable.

Airbnb changed the lodging industry by allowing anybody to rent out their open spaces. Uber and Lyft changed the transportation industry by allowing anybody to accept fares with their own cars.

Getable is changing the construction industry by allowing rental suppliers of any size to rent their equipment to any customer. We offer an open marketplace where any company with great service and competitive pricing can compete for more customers.

Nowadays, a marketplace may not seem like a very novel concept. But the construction rental industry has largely been dominated by large national companies, making it hard for local providers to compete. Getable allows all rental providers access to our marketplace, and therefore creates a great experience for customers to have more choice and find the best deals. These customers can be contractors working on million-dollar construction sites or a new homeowner looking to build a fence around their garden. Suppliers within our marketplace rent the right tools and equipment for everybody.

We're extremely excited about our new platform, and would love for you to check us out at getable.com. Even if you're not in the market to rent equipment right now, give our comparison engine a whirl and see what we have available.

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