What do Popular Construction Companies Look for When Hiring?

An improving economy and a backlog of private and municipal repair work has meant that there has been a boom in construction jobs over the past several months. Many economists suspect that this trend will continue for the foreseeable future as demand for new housing and roads continues to grow in many areas. Furthermore, these jobs tend to have a relatively low bar for entry. Many construction jobs require little more than a high school diploma, and it’s possible to make a salary of $15 or more within a year or less. With a small amount of training, it’s possible to make over $100,000 a year in a few areas. Because of this, construction work has begun to attract many people who previously would not have thought of this career field.

It’s important for people who are considering this type of work to make sure that they are in a good position to get the jobs that are out there. If you’re looking for a job in the construction industry, be prepared to show off in these areas.


Just about every career field tends to value experienced candidates, and construction is certainly no exception. Many construction companies tend to see experience as a huge asset because it can save them a lot in training costs and creates a safer working environment. Experienced workers tend to solve problems faster and be more independent, allowing a supervisor to leave them alone in the field.

Job seekers who don’t have much experience shouldn’t be discouraged, however. There are multiple job training programs and internships that can give newcomers experience with common issues, jobs, and equipment. History has also shown that as the labor pool of experienced workers dries up, more construction companies will be more willing to consider candidates with relatively little or no experience.


Construction is an industry that tends to work with very tight schedules and deadlines. For that reason, employees must be able to arrive to a work site on time, have the proper tools, and complete assigned tasks within the time they are given. Workers that have a reputation for getting jobs done correctly and on time can do very well in the construction industry.

In many cases, dependability is the most important trait that a worker can have. When late, sloppy, or missed work can mean a construction manager has to scramble to hire extra employees to get a job done, dependable employees represent more than just a convenience, they’re also a cost savings.

Specialized Training

Construction is an industry that can be very dependent on the conditions of a particular geographical area. For this reason, it’s crucial to determine what skills are in high demand in your particular area. For example, regions of the country that are experiencing a huge demand for housing also have a high demand for electricians and plumbers, as well as operators of heavy machinery such as excavators that are used to level ground and prepare subdivision lots for construction. Areas of the country where mining has become particularly profitable need workers who are experienced with everything from blasting to excavating.

Construction is an industry that is once again growing, and that means that there are a number of companies that are looking to expand their employment rolls. If you think this is the right industry for you, take steps to get started today.

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