Facility Maintenance and Cleaning Equipment

When to use what and why

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Facility Maintenance and Cleaning Overview

When it's time for the finishing touches, turn to the facility maintenance and cleaning category of equipment. From pressure washers to floor scrubbers, this group of tools is ready to make your project sparkle.

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How do you know which machine is right for the job?

Facilities maintenance consumes a disproportionately large sum of an organizations financial resources because cleaning and repair is both labor-intensive and technology dependent. The maintenance budget of most colleges and universities is greater than any single department including more than the entire athletic department. And, the less technology, the higher the maintenance budget. The less equipment, the more labor is required.

Unlike other trades with tasks that can be managed using varied degrees of technology, without mechanized and motorized technology, maintenance impossibly arduous. To illustrate the disparity between maintenance and other trades, with regard to the amount of work that can be accomplished by hand, consider painting. While a roller and can of paint is adequate to apply a fresh coat of paint relatively quickly, cleaning a building without a pressure sprayer is laughably inefficient and slow, potentially even dangerous when the height factor is accounted for in the equation.

Buffing the wax off floor tiles, then re-waxing a building might take one person with an electric buffer a few days to complete. The same job might take a crew of workers weeks or even months to complete by hand. The same can be said of seaming carpets with and without an electric seamer. Again with carpets, it is virtually impossible to clean one without a vacuum or steam cleaner.

Removing paint from large walls and floors without blasting equipment; sweeping long tracts of sidewalk, pavement or the inside of a mega complex without a ride-on sweeper; draining a sewage system without a pump; and washing a fleet of vehicles without a hot water pressure washer are all examples of the inefficiency of technology-free maintenance.

Common Types of Facility Maintenance and Cleaning Equipment

  • Drain and Sewer Cleaning

    Drain and Sewer Cleaning

    The majority of effective drain and sewage cleaning machines are designed to enter sewer lines through a cleanout. Sewer snakes are the most common sewer cleaning machines and come in a variety of sizes and types. Other popular drain and sewage cleaning machines include: pipe de-freezers, plumber’s pots, toilet augers, sectional drain cleaners and video pipe cameras.

Other Considerations When Renting Facility Maintenance and Cleaning Equipment

  • Size and Length

    The biggest factor to consider when renting maintenance and cleaning machines is size and length. For example, knowing whether a small or medium eel sewer snake will suffice can save time and money. On the flip side, renting a ride-on floor scrubber for a couple of rooms is probably overkill. Street sweepers and brooms also come in a variety of sizes. Before renting a machine(s) assess the size of the job.