Landscaping Equipment

When to use what and why

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Landscaping Overview

A building project is not truly complete until the structure is surrounded by a well-established landscape. Turning soil left bare by grading into thriving mounds of shrubs and rolling lawns of turf requires quality landscaping equipment. Landscaping does a lot more than please the client. Grasses and shrubs are essential for controlling soil erosion after grading, especially in wet climates and on sites with considerable slopes. Erosion results in fines from local building authorities and can even threaten the stability of the construction area. Basic landscaping controls water and soil movement, beautifies the graded land around a construction project, and requires less work when the right equipment gets involved. Whether the site calls for removing leftover debris before seeding or there is a newly sprouted lawn needing its first trim, the right outdoor rental equipment makes quick work of all challenges. Both professional landscaping crews and construction companies looking to branch out can benefit from renting mowers, grinders, chippers, and similar devices instead of buying them outright. Most landscaping equipment falls into one of two categories. The equipment is either primarily used for preparing a planting site or for maintaining it. Specialized machines offer the best results, so it is usually easier for contractors to rent mowers and chippers instead of trying to safely use a tractor or other device with multiple functions and complex controls. Renting equipment for site preparation and waste processing on site can save money on hauling away branches and brush while improving the soil. Why pay for mulch when it is easy enough to make it out of what is on hand at the job site?

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How do you know which machine is right for the job?

Consider the seasonal effects on landscaping maintenance chores when planning your equipment rentals for each year. Blowers are in high demand in the fall, so make arrangements early for keeping leaves off curing concrete or out of a third story addition with an unfinished roof. Long-term rentals allow landscaping companies to handle dozens of mowing, brush clearing, and lawn improvement tasks per week without having to buy costly equipment. Rental tools and machines are maintained by the supplier, resulting in both short and long term savings for the renters. Browsing the collection of commercial landscaping rental options can inspire construction company owners to expand into the realm of landscaping. With a smaller upfront investment, there is less to lose if the expansion takes a little while to grow in popularity among the client base.

Common Types of Landscaping Equipment

  • Lawncare


    Pick up a few pieces of lawn equipment at a time, based on the stage of growth of the permanent plantings. For example, augers and tillers for digging planting holes and turning soil work best during initial installation, while mowers aren't needed until the grass is at least two to three inches high. There are specialty tools that work especially well for renovation crews too. Reclaim a messy site around a refurbished building with high weed mowers and brush cutters that chew through years of growth. Aerators save lawns choking on thatch and years of heavy use to encourage new root development and increased water flow.

  • Wood Chippers

    Wood Chippers

    It is best to clean up the site before moving equipment and materials in for construction. Whether the company plans to handle the rest of the landscaping or just needs to clear the way for the crew to come in with concrete trucks, chippers make faster work of brush than dragging out whole bundles. Arrange the chipper output feeder to fill bags or a dumpster, then haul away the mulch by the truck load instead of wrangling with chainsaws.