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Crawler Dozers

Crawler Dozers

A Crawler Dozer is a tracked tractor equipped with a substantial metal plate, known as a blade, used to push large quantities of soil, sand and rubble and typically equipped at the rear with a claw-like device, known as a ripper, to loosen densely compacted materials. Crawler Dozers are great pieces of equipment for all your finish and grading work jobs, providing unrestricted visibility, which allows the operator to see the corner of the cutting edge and back of the blade. Dozers are the most productive machines in their class, due that the blade response is fast and powerful, making on-the-go tilt and angle adjustments easy. Equipped with a variety of operator-friendly features and attachments available, dozers are great at keeping your job on schedule and for this reason you can find them on a wide range of sites, mines and quarries, military bases, heavy industry factories, engineering projects and farms.

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As loader dozers are typically used to knock down large hillsides and load the material onto haul trucks, dump trucks or tandems, the amount of material to be moved or loaded determines what size of loader dozer to use. As moving and lifting extra-large boulders is another job that is almost exclusively the work of a loader dozer, the general size of the rocks is another determining factor.

Where you can use dozer

Renting a loader dozer is necessary when an extraordinarily large bucket capacity is required. In addition, loader dozers are used in very rocky ground, ground that a wheel loader would be unstable on and would not have the power to cut into and move. When bucket capacity, power and stability are the highest priorities -- not speed -- a loader dozer is the most appropriate bucket machine to rent for flatwork.

Loader dozer uses include:

  • Cutting into steep, rocky hillsides
  • Transporting large boulders an excavator or wheel loader can not
  • Flattening an area while scooping up the spoils for removal
  • Conducting loading operations on steep, uneven terrain

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