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Tracked Skidsteers

Tracked Skidsteers

Skid-steers, also commonly known as skid loaders, are great for tasks involving moving, digging, and lifting soil or other material. These machines come with a specialized turning mechanism which facilitates them to navigate in even the most confined spaces, often, to everyone's astonishment, the capability to make a turn of zero-radius.

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Wheeled Skidsteers

Wheeled Skidsteers

Wheeled Skid Steers are ideal for transporting debris like sand dirt and gravel around your build site. The hydraulic couplers let you attach all sorts of pieces rather than just using a bucket, such as drills, jackhammers and blades and can be customized for you upon rental. Wheeled Skid Steers contain wheels instead of running tracks.

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Renting the right skidsteer loader is a matter dependent upon just how congested a jobsite is. The tighter the workspace, the more appropriate a small skidsteer. Terrain is also a factor. For wet, muddy or snowy jobsites, a skidsteer with tracks gives the operator better traction. If the skidsteer is going to be used three-axel dump trucks -- a standard sized truck, -- a bigger skidsteer is a better choice because the arms have more reach and the bucket is larger which means a large skidsteer can load a truck faster than a small one.

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Skidsteers are only between five and seven feet wide which means they can inch between tight spaces with relative ease. Front-end loaders and backhoes, while very useful in their own rights, can not compete with a skidsteer on a congested jobsite. The pivoting action of skidsteers allow the machines to turn 360 degrees on a zero-degree radius.

Job site uses of loader are:

  • Clearing space on demolition jobs
  • Piling or loading spoils on natural gas and petroleum drill sites
  • Material transport on road and bridge construction projects
  • Moving material on mining sites
  • Moving feed and waste at stock yards

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